File for Qualitative Comparative Analysis


     ** Basic QCA Section **


Introductory Document About QCA

Countryfuzzy.dat for fsQCA from Ragin’s Fuzzy Set Social Science (2000)

Schools Data for SPSS (necompuse.sav) linked to chapter 14 of Byrne and Ragin, eds., Handbook of Case-Based Research (Sage)

Summary of Boolean Logic

Ray Kent’s large fuzzy data set about spam responses of email  users (Email response.dat)

table 1.dat for fsQCA Containing EU countries Interwar Breakdown Data

Fuzzy Data Chapter about 39 Indian Village Cases - Labour Resistance – ‘Nested and Non-Nested Cases’ chapter PDF.

  ** End of Basic QCA Section **


   **Intermediate QCA with NVIVO link (new in 2017)**

A Revised Bangladesh Qual NVIVO file with Fuzzy and Crisp Classifications (Illustration) - Note, this file has the name: BangladeshSemiStructuredInterviews2016.nvp


The Spreadsheet of Fuzzy and Crisp Classifications from Stata or SPSS (Illustration) – Note, this file has the name:\qca\Banglaruralcasestudies2016.SubsetInterviews.xlsx


   **       End of Intermediate Section      **


     ** NVIVO Illustrations **

IndiaSHGsBanksv10.nvpfor NVIVO, large file

Arguments Represented in NVIVO.nvp

Indiabanksv8.nvp for NVIVO, large file

Indiabanksv7.nvp for NVIVO (zipped)

Indiabanksv7.nvp for NVIVO unzipped, large